Satnews Daily
February 16th, 2016

2wcom Bringing A Plethora Of Products To NAB2016

[Satnews] 2wcom will be presenting their professional broadcast products and solutions for audio over IP, audio over DVB-S/S2, DAB / DAB+ over satellite / IP, and FM, RDS at the upcoming NAB2016 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The complete end-to-end system solutions provide extensive redundancy and backup possibilities including high quality encoders, decoders, codecs, modulators, demodulators and an outstanding satellite IRD product range. 2wcom’s leading position in the market is based on 25 years of delivering technical innovation, quality and excellent 24/7 support to the broadcast industry. Its development and manufacturing headquarters are located in Germany, with a worldwide network of dealer partners.

At NAB 2016 we are focusing attention on our FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ systems for audio via satellite, now with a very efficient station ID solution added for the US market. These are incredibly versatile units that far outstrip the capabilities of previous satellite receivers, with features that simplify operations, reduce costs and provide phenomenal robustness," said Werner Drews, Managing Director of 2wcom.

Products on Display at NAB 2016
FlexDSR02+/FlexDSR04+—Professional audio satellite system solution—new feature

2wcom’s FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ offer an unprecedented combination of capabilities in a compact 1U IRD for audio contribution via satellite and IP. The FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ now include the ability to streamline station ID handling across multiple locations, making it easier for US networks to fulfil regulatory obligations. The hourly station ID scheduler is time synchronized, with time zone configuration and time checking via NTP. With the FlexDSR’s SIRC (Satellite In-Band Remote Control) the user can even simplify the deployment of the station ID files. They feature versatile inputs for up to four different programs with analog or digital output, a full regional insert solution, SIRC for inband control via satellite, and automatic weightbalancing of quality parameters and program source switching (satellite, IP-line, ASI, SD card) in case of failure. With support for the latest codecs, inbuilt monitoring of operational parameters, and superfast reliable hardware easily upgradeable with software options, the FlexDSR02+ and FlexDSR04+ is the most innovative IRD available

FlexNsert/FlexXtract – DAB+ distribution via IP and satellite—The 2wcom FlexNsert+/FlexXtract+ DAB+ distribution solution offers professional ETI/EDI and EDI/ETI conversion and switching via IP or satellite according to existing standards.  The technology provides outstanding performance and flexibility, with optional support of features like seamless switching, forward error correction, dual streaming, data spreading, data reordering and advanced bandwidth saving technology for up to 45 percent greater efficiency.
FM2TS – Professional MPEG Encoding Gateway—The FM2TS is an 8-channel FM to MPEG Transport Stream IP gateway that can be used to provide FM audio to cable broadcasters, or to stream 8 FM channels to a quality assurance institution as part of an FM monitoring solution. The FM2TS can also be deployed as a solution for transmission to gap fillers or rebroadcasting. Reducing CAPEX and OPEX by concentrating 8 channels into a single device, the FM2TS also features 2wcom’s future-ready new hardware platform, with support for leading-edge TS and IP functionalities such as multiple MPTS and SPTS generation, IPv6, HTTPS, and SNMPv3.
FM02 – FM All-in-one FM Receiver Solution—The FM02 combines 2wcom’s expertise in FM and RDS Monitoring into a single unit that integrates the functionality for the multiple roles of demodulation, source-switching for FM backup, and FM/RDS parameter monitoring. As a demodulator, the FM02’s dual inputs can receive one FM signal for rebroadcasting and another for monitoring, or the same signal on both channels for a backup solution.
FM Single Frequency Network System Solution—Assured FM SFN synchronization with flexible modular configuration – 2wcom will showcase a new solution for SFN FM networks at IBC 2015 that provides assured μs-accurate synchronization for implementing FM SFN networks with existing analogue transmission infrastructure (just adapted to 1pps synchronisation). Distribution can be by E1, IP or satellite, and any one of the feeds can be selected for backup purposes without affecting the synchronization. Adjustment of runtime differences, jitter etc. is automatic.