Satnews Daily
September 9th, 2014

ASC Signal Corporation—ESAs Thriving (SATCOM—Antennas)

[SatNews] ASC Signal Corporation has set two company records for sales of its 9 meter C-, Ku- and Ka-band Earth station antenna (ESA) systems, exceeding by more than 3x the company's nearest revenue and antenna orders in any year of their existence.

ASC Signals 9m ESA.

The record sales were helped by ASC Signal’s delivery of a large number of the company’s 9.3 meter C-band Earth station antennas, a standard for broadcasters and telecom providers around the world for more than two decades, for new installations in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and on the Indian subcontinent.  Several locations where the 9.3 meter antennas were commissioned also installed ASC’s 9.4 meter Ku-band systems.  These large gateways were implemented for use on Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES and Arabsat satellite systems. In addition to C- and Ku-band antenna systems, ASC Signal deliveries also included its 9.4 meter Ka-band gateway for use on the Inmarsat Global Xpress system.  The 9.4 meter Ka-band systems all use ASC’s patented sub-reflector tracking (SRT) system to further optimize antenna pointing to 1/1000th of a degree of accuracy.

All of ASC’s large gateway antenna systems use ASC Signal’s Next Generation Controller (NGC), which brings to users a single, simplified, central device to control and operate multiple antenna systems. The NGC’s advanced features in use in these gateways, as well as ASC’s entire line of Earth station antennas, include remote access and tracking capabilities built into the system, internal spectrum analyzer, redundancy control systems, and many other high-performance controller features.

ASC Signal’s line of high-performance antennas, from 2.4 meter through 9.4 meter sizes, cover all widely-used commercial and military frequency bands, including L-, S-, X-, C-, K-, Ku-, Ka-, Q- and V-bands.  The wide number of feed options available on the company’s antennas proved extremely valuable to users of the 9 meter antennas on the various systems in use around the world.

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