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March 14th, 2013

PolarSat... Offsetting Unforeseen Outages (SATCOM)

[SatNews] PolarSat Inc. has successfully deployed a satellite-based backup network for a...

...major Oil and Gas Company in Turkey via service provider IsNet. IsNet has completed installation of a satellite-based backup system that dynamically provides on-demand communications infrastructure in the event of an unforeseen terrestrial network outage.

The VSATPlus®3 provides greater overall network reliability by having no single point of failure within the Oil and Gas Company’s private network. Furthermore, with its full mesh capability, any station can connect to any other site in the network with a single hop over the satellite, on demand. This greatly reduced the cost of implementing this network since all sites do not require dedicated bandwidth but instead can effectively share the bandwidth.

PolarSat VSATPlus®3 MF-TDMA Satellite modem was selected by IsNet, a leading service provider, to provide the most cost effective and flexible solution to its enterprise customer. The backup network consists of total of 16 sites that are managed by IsNet’s operation control center. These sites are all connected in a full mesh all-IP based network and are located throughout Turkey. The VSAT network provides back up to the terrestrial Next Generation Network (NGN). In the event of a loss of terrestrial connectivity between any of the customer sites the VSATPlus®3 system automatically provides connectivity. All sites support a complex mix of voice and data communications.