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December 9th, 2014

Comtech EF Data's LPOD BUC Line Is Now Complimented With LPOD-R

[SatNews] Comtech EF Data Corp. has expanded their LPOD Block Up Converter product line with the introduction of the new LPOD-R Block Up Converter models.

Each LPOD-R consists of a SSPA module with a Monitor/Control Processor, a power supply and a fan assembly. Equipped with temperature compensation, power monitor and power factor corrected supply as standard features, LPOD-R also features data logging and remote monitor and control (M&C) capabilities that are unique to the industry.

Each LPOD-R product features a low loss combining technique and Monitor/Control Processor-based temperature-versus-gain compensation. Working in combination, these features ensure the maximum usable output power is available for implementation while allowing stable operation over a wide range of environmental conditions.

The built-in data logging functionality of the LPOD-R is a true differentiator, greatly enhancing system maintainability and providing the insight required to maximize network uptime. By recording critical operational parameters including temperature, output power and mute status users can quickly gather intelligence about the unit and its operational environments, taking the appropriate corrective actions when necessary.

There are a variety of methods for monitoring and controlling the LPOD-R Block Up Converters to maximize uptime—through Advanced FSK, via its on-board Ethernet port, through a hand-held device or via Comtech EF Data’s NetVue Integrated Management System. When teamed with Comtech EF Data modems, the LPOD-R provides enhanced functionality using an extended industry-standard FSK communications channel, offering full control of single thread and redundant systems from the modem front panel without additional cabling or cost. The unit can also be accessed via the Ethernet M&C port of the modem and controlled via Embedded Distant-end Monitor and Control (EDMAC). Additionally, a variety of hand-held controller devices are available to conveniently configure and monitor the LPOD-R.

The units are fully manageable via the NetVue Integrated Management System, which provides the level of insight required to optimally run satellite networks. NetVue provides a single intuitive graphical user interface that acts as a user-friendly front-end to monitor and control network equipment. It features a robust, comprehensive network management and analytics engine that allows users to intelligently maximize resources, ensure network uptime and provide the elevated levels of service that are required to support fixed and remote sites in the field.

Compact in size and weight, the LPOD-R complements existing LPOD product line offerings, providing an excellent high-performance option for installations with limited available mounting space. The LPOD-R meets the demands of satellite network sites, whether they are fixed, ship-borne, “flyaway” or Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles.

For additional details, please visit the Comtech EF Data infosite at http://www.comtechefdata.com/