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August 1st, 2012

ATK... New Buses To Catch (Satellites)

ORS-1 bus, photo courtesy of ATK
[SatNews] ATK (NYSE: ATK) has announced an expanded product line of small, agile satellite buses designed for a...

...wide range of missions in civil, national security and commercial applications. Designed to meet the growing demand for affordable small spacecraft with dependably fast delivery, ATK’s family of agile buses are built for near-term and long-term markets. ATK’s demonstrated expertise in the small satellite industry with nearly three decades of experience in government and commercial space programs has resulted in a premier product line that has grown over the past few years to address the changing space market. The Company’s demonstrated capability to build small satellites quickly and effectively positions ATK as a leader in new space markets that include science and Earth observation small satellites and complex on-orbit satellite servicing missions.

Artistic rendition of ViviSat,
courtesy of ATK
“Our expanded family of space platforms will enable us to capitalize on the up-swing we expect to see in a number of our targeted market segments. Our diversified, balanced approach across multiple markets will take best advantage of the increase in microsat missions, continued demand for small, rapidly-developed spacecraft and the game-changing, on-orbit satellite servicing market,” said Tom Wilson, Vice President and General Manager, ATK Space Systems Division. “We intend to build on our 100-percent on-orbit mission success rate by aggressively opening markets for new capabilities across all space sectors –military, intelligence, civil, commercial and international.”

The ATK A-series product line consists of four basic configurations, A100, A200, A500, and A700, with elevated platforms of A150, A250, and A550 for broader capability and flexibility for customers. The products are designed for a range of mission requirements based on mission class, design life, propulsion, pointing accuracy, payload mass and launch compatibility. The ATK A series is also compatible with most launch vehicles.