Satnews Daily
December 12th, 2018

The Switch® and Eutelsat Enable Participants to Switch On Maximum Content Delivery


The Switch® and Eutelsat (Euronext Paris: ETL) are joining forces to provide a new, independent offering delivering an unparalleled satellite and fiber video contribution network.

The partnership will provide The Switch's user community of more than 800 of the world's leading content producers and distributors the ability to transmit feeds on a minute-by-minute basis to and from large parts of the globe.

Simultaneously, broadcasters and content producers within Eutelsat's satellite footprint will now gain access to The Switch's extensive global fiber network, including 53 physical points-of-presence, as well as connections to U.S. tech leaders, major global broadcasters and more than 180 sports organizations, venues and rights holders.

Photo taken at Eutelsat's Paris Rambouillet Teleport.

This partnership leverages the resources of three Eutelsat satellites (Eutelsat 7B, Eutelsat 10A and Eutelsat 65 West A) covering Europe, Africa and the Americas, and satellites to be added in the future to extend the reach of the solution, with The Switch's global video transport network. Transport to and from each region can be scheduled by customers via SwitchIT™, The Switch's patented award-winning customer-control software platform. As a result of integrating The Switch and Eutelsat systems, customers can deliver their content faster, more smoothly and to more regions around the globe.

Executive Comment

Keith Buckley, President and CEO at The Switch, noted that the company has seen a huge increase in demand for worldwide uplinking from the firm's connected customers and venues. Partnering with Eutelsat allows the company to combine the firm's shared resources to bring a seamless, flexible offering to market.