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October 31st, 2015

L-Band Switch Matrix Solutions Debut From RF-Design

[Satnews] RF-Design announces their new FlexLink S7 L-Band Switch Matrix series.

This new 1RU/19-inch Switch Matrix series features the units FlexLink S7-8816 (8:8, expandable to 8:16 inputs/outputs)
and the FlexLink S7-1616 (16:16 inputs/outputs). The FlexLink S7 units are available with 50 or 75Ohm connectors and can also be equipped with optical inputs.

RF-Design's FlexLink S7-8816/1616 L-band switch matrices
(8:8 / 8:16 or 16:16)

The FlexLink S7  supports advantageous features such as variable gain-adjustment, slope-equalization, RF power monitoring, switchable LNB-supply, 10MHz reference feet and 1:1 redundant hot-swappable dual power-supplies. The units can be configured locally via front-panel LC-Display/keypads and remotely via Ethernet-interface (Web-GUI, SNMP).

The combination of unique features, flexibility and excellent RF characteristics allow optimized signal transmission at the highest quality level and makes these Switch Matrices a perfect fit for a variety of applications in teleports, satellite Earth stations as well as broadcast and cable RF distribution architectures. RF-Design's Switch Matrix series “FlexLink” incorporates the new stand-alone FlexLink S7 (8:8/8:16 / 16:16), the stand-alone FlexLink S2A (8:24) as well as the scalable/modular system FlexLink-K7-Pro (available in sizes of 8:8 to up to 256:256).