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Satnews Daily
April 10th, 2011

Of Interest To SatBroadcasting™ Professionals...

  • Cobalt Digital is adding Dolby® Transcoding as well as EAS Audio Ducking on its Fusion3G® series for openGear®. The enhancements to the Company’s sophisticated loudness processing solutions are being demonstrated for the first time in NAB Booth N2512. Cobalt’s Fusion3G is comprised of multi-functional, multi-featured cards that offer solutions to all of today’s signal processing challenges, including Loudness Processing, Audio Loudness Metering, Dolby Encode and Decode, Color Correction, Fiber Transmit and Receive, and Up/Down/Cross Conversion. The range supports openGear, an architecture platform that handles 3G/HD/SD video processing cards, plus audio processing cards, from multiple manufacturers in the same frame. Starting at NAB 2011, Dolby Transcoding is available on all Fusion3G cards. The enhancement will allow a Dolby E stream to be decoded to baseband (and channel-swapped or optionally loudness-processed) and then re-encoded into Dolby Digital or Digital Plus – all on the same card. EAS Audio Ducking is also now available on all Fusion3G cards via input mixing that allows the set up of ducked mixing 5.1 or stereo program audio and EAS audio. A custom mix can be saved on the card and then recalled using the card’s GPI input. When a GPI trigger occurs, the card goes to the ducked mix; when the trigger clears, normal routing is restored. Clean, glitch-free switching in and out of EAS is performed, with response time of under 1 second.

  • EAMS (Egyptian Advanced Multimedia Systems) has selected Latens software-only Conditional Access System (CAS) to protect Egypt’s first satellite IPTV delivery system. The EAMS Ecosystem will consist of Latens CAS, plus other system components from leading technology providers for IPTV hardware and software. EAMS plans to offer HD and SD linear TV, Pay per view, and Video On Demand services using satellite delivery of content via Nilesat to regional headends. Latens CAS is the world’s only DVB® compliant software-only CAS designed for operators of cable, DTH and DTT. The card-less technology offers payTV operators a more dynamic and secure anti-piracy solution at a much lower cost than traditional card-based or embedded set-top systems. Latens’ unique CAS protects content across all networks - Cable, IP, DTH, DTT - be it one-way, two-way, or hybrid. This allows operators to use a single Latens CAS headend for any type of network, making it a safe investment for operators expanding their payTV services across multiple distribution infrastructures.

  • Triveni Digital, Inc. and MobiTV, Inc. will collaborate on providing broadcasters with solutions for interactive Mobile DTV delivery. Built on Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder® metadata management platform and the MobiTV Interactivity Server and Mobile TV Client, the integrated system will make it easy for broadcasters to launch new interactive mobile media services that create new revenue streams while offering consumers a time-coordinated, targeted, and personalized experience. The MobiTV Interactivity Server and Mobile TV client employ the application framework of ATSC A/153, based on OMA RME, to add interactive elements to mobile broadcasts. These technologies are shaping the industry's approach to interactive mobile media service delivery, as many leading station groups have partnered with MobiTV, Inc. to develop consumer applications for launch in late 2011. Triveni Digital's GuideBuilder supports ATSC standards, and the GuideBuilder ESG component provides the metadata that allows users to select and change viewing channels and to access information about current show, duration, rating, and other characteristics. In addition, GuideBuilder NRT will support a number of unique interactive services developed over time with MobiTV, Inc., such as "unbound" weather and traffic information, and "bound" (or timeline and content related) services that allow the consumer to engage with a specific program or commercial through interactive elements such as real-time voting, polls, statistics, click-throughs, and requests for further information. Triveni Digital and MobiTV plan to make unique features available to their joint customers. The GuideBuilder system will be demonstrated by Triveni Digital at its NAB booth (SU3202) and within the Mobile DTV Pavilion (N4036A), located on the north side of the LVCC North Hall.

  • French company Volfoni will present their latest innovation in 3D glasses, ActivEyes®, at NABshow in Las Vegas from April 11 14, 2011. ActivEyes® are hybrid active/passive glasses. Consumers will no longer have to choose between purchasing active or passive glasses. With ActivEyes all-in-one technology, developed by Volfoni, 3D content can be viewed on any type of screen (TV and PC), including all brands and all technologies. ActivEyes® glasses incorporate 4 major innovations: design, optics, electronics, and software. The electronic portion of the glasses is housed externally in a small pod that can be clipped to clothing or handheld. This lightens the weight of the glasses, making ActivEyes much more comfortable to wear. ActivEyes use the latest generation of ECB (Electronically Controlled Birefringence) optics, offering exceptional visual quality that surpasses all other LCS (Liquid Crystal Shutter) technology. ActivEyes are the most comfortable glasses on the market and supply the highest luminosity and brightest images available from 3D glasses. The high-end electronic component, which includes fully progressive software, allows ActivEyes glasses to be updated and immediately adaptable to all future advancements by screen manufacturers.