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June 27th, 2017

Orbit Logic Presents Cloud-Enabled Constellation Planning

Orbit Logic has released a new version of their Collection Planning & Analysis Workstation (CPAW) software with enhanced constellation collection planning optimization — CPAW is mission planning and scheduling software for imaging satellite operations and is deployed operationally on multiple commercial and government programs.

The new version of CPAW provides enhanced constellation planning optimization, support for gimbaled sensors, configurable figure-of-merit enhancements, and an external plan import capability, among other new and enhanced features and performance improvements.  While prior versions of CPAW were capable of performing coordinated imagery collection planning for a constellation of imaging satellites, the new CPAW constellation planning is cloud-enabled and optimizes constellation collection planning considering all asset collection opportunities to all imaging targets within the user-defined planning period.

The new cloud-based algorithm solution provides significantly enhanced overall solution scoring using an algorithm-independent figure-of-merit for both Earth Observation and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) scenarios. 

CPAW’s enhanced constellation optimization capabilities are enabled by scalable cloud-computing resources,” stated Alex Herz, President of Orbit Logic. He added that the company is continuing to advance the collection planning state-of-the-art as imaging satellite constellations grow in size and capability, and Orbit Logic is leveraging cloud computing resources that have become more affordable and accessible to both commercial and government customers.

Sample CPAW Application Screenshots
Orbit Logic's Collection Planning & Analysis Workstation (CPAW) couples a spacecraft simulator with scheduling algorithms to generate valid and optimized high fidelity imagery collection plans for use in satellite operations, analysis, or imagery ordering. CPAW generates plans for imagery collection of space and ground targets, contact scheduling, and downlink planning that accounts for spacecraft agility, sensor characteristics, imaging modes, power modeling, pointing constraints, data storage modeling, antenna agility and downlink sites, system timing rules, lighting conditions, target constraints, and more.  Planning can be completely manual, fully automated, or anywhere in between.

Orbit Logic () specializes in mission planning and scheduling solutions for aerospace and geospatial intelligence. Orbit Logic's operationally proven COTS products create better plans faster with fewer resources for all mission phases. Orbit Logic engineering services are available to configure, customize, and integrate Orbit Logic’s mobile, web-based, desktop, and flight software applications to provide turn-key operational solutions that leverage the latest available technologies to meet customer goals and exceed their expectations.