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March 21st, 2016

Support For As Many As Eight Satellite Signals With New L-Band Beacon Receiver From SatService

[Satnews] SatService GmbH has introduced their new sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver series for up to eight satellite signals.

SatService sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver.

The unique feature of this unit is its 8:1 signal input switch that allows to connect up to 8 different signals that are selected automatically relating to the selected frequency and polarization. In addition to both polarizations of Low and High Ku-band, both polarizations of C- and /or X-band can be connected to the same unit. This gives full flexibility to track with one antenna satellites with beacons in different frequency bands.

The typical application of this receiver is antenna tracking, where the receiver provides the tracking signal level to the antenna step-track controller. Other applications can be pilot measurement and control loops like up link power control.

Key features include...

  • Full L-Band Tuning Range 950 to 2150MHz with 1KHz Step Size
  • Modulation independent Level Measurement
  • No unpredictable Lock on PM/PSK Side Carriers
  • Compact, 19inch 1RU rack-mountable unit (sat-nms LBRX19-81) or DIN rail box (sat-nms LBRX-81)
  • 8 LNB Inputs via input switch including LNB power supply (switchable on/off per LNB)
  • TCP/IP-based Design, Web Browser Interface
  • 14/18V 0/22kHz Interface to Switches and Switch Matrixes
  • Full Remote Administration and Support Capability
  • Electronically calibrated for Level and Temperature Linearity which provides excellent Level Accuracy even in Outdoor Environments

The sat-nms LBRX Beacon Receiver is available as DIN rail box or as 19 inch 1RU rack mount unit.

For further information, access the sat-nms LBRX-81 and sat-nms LBRX19-81 datasheets here...

Coming soon from SatService GmbH are Beacon Receivers with RF-inputs in C-, X-, Ku- and Ka-band.