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June 13th, 2014

Crystal Solutions— Carrier ID System Debuts + Technology Showcase @ CommunicAsia2014 (Event—SATCOM)

[SatNews] Crystal Solutions has launched  its Carrier ID (CID) Detection System, which enables a user to quickly identify a satellite carrier. 

The system uses Crystal CID System Controller Software as the core of the system, directing the equipment and managing the CID detection process.  All identification events are logged with precise timestamps, which can be used in the case of dispute resolution. For Uplinkers, this system will enable them to verify if their carrier is on the air and correctly displaying its CID info, thus ensuring compliance with the FCC-mandate standards of Carrier Identification. Satellite Access Centers can use it to automatically identify carriers they control access for, as well as populate the central CID database with those IDs. For Satellite Operators, this system will be especially valuable for background CID detection and validation.  The system can also be designed to provide a two-way bridge between payload operations and the central CID database.  This bridge will reduce the time it takes to identify the source of an interfering carrier.
“Carrier ID is finally ready to launch, however the new standards and embedding mechanisms are not a complete solution,” said Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal Solutions. “Our system enables automatic, accurate and fast identification, without the need for the assembly of multiple pieces of equipment as and when interference occurs.”
Crystal Solutions will be attending CommunicAsia from June 17 -20, 2014 in Singapore and will be a part of the Satellite Interference Reduction Group’s Carrier ID tour. To participate in the IRG tour, please visit http://satirg.org/communicasiacidtour/.

The Crystal Solutions infosite may be reached at http://www.crystalcc.com/