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March 13th, 2014

ECAPS + Skybox Imaging—Propelled Into Action With 12 Modules (Satellites)

[SatNews] ECAPS, an SSC Group company, has been awarded a contract by Skybox Imaging (Skybox) to supply 12 complete HPGP (High Performance Green Propulsion) propulsion system modules for the SkySat constellation of high-resolution imaging and video-capable satellites.
This contract represents the largest order to date for HPGP systems and is a follow-on to the previously awarded contract for a modular HPGP system for SkySat-3, the first of Skybox’s satellites to be equipped with an orbit maneuvering capability. The 12 HPGP system modules included in this new contract are to be delivered during 2015 and 2016. In addition to providing increased performance over monopropellant hydrazine, the implementation of HPGP technology provides a more cost effective solution than similarly-sized hydrazine systems when compared over a satellite mission’s life-cycle.

“This transition into serial production for both the SkySat propulsion system modules and the associated 1N HPGP thrusters is truly exciting for ECAPS”, said Mathis Persson, President of ECAPS. “We’re very proud of having been selected by Skybox to provide state-of-the-art propulsion capabilities to the SkySat satellites, and of the many unique aspects of HPGP technology that help contribute to the overall cost effectiveness of Skybox’s mission concept.”
“We are pleased to incorporate ECAPS’ flight-proven HPGP propulsion system as an integral part of our constellation. The propulsion modules will enable us to support a wide range of mission orbits to meet our customers’ demands for high-temporal, high-resolution imagery and video,” said Mike Trela, Skybox VP Satellite. “Not only does this partnership reflect our continual innovations in pushing the boundaries of high-quality imaging performance within a small satellite, but our decision to leverage green propellants is also directly aligned with our culture of environmental responsibility.
An additional key aspect of the agreement is that ECAPS will be able to offer the existing propulsion system module design, or derivatives thereof, as a “drop-in”/off-the-shelf solution for other small satellites requiring high performance propulsion at a reduced life-cycle cost.

For additional ECAPS information, please visit http://www.sscspace.com/ecaps

Skybox Imaging's infosite is available at http://www.skybox.com/