Satnews Daily
February 24th, 2011

NewCom International.. Off-Shore Office (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Oil and Gas companies now have an easy way to access all the benefits and security of a first-class business office from remote exploration sites and off-shore oil rigs around the globe.

These capabilities are now offered by the Office Without Borders™ package being offered by NewCom International. The Company has developed a turnkey, self-contained mobile office package that includes voice, Internet, SCADA ready connectivity, email, fax, VideoMeetings™ and data services for oil and gas companies working to tap resource-rich regions in Latin America and Africa, along with various offshore locations throughout the world. The package uses the iDirect based NetSharing platform, which bundles a variety of communications services. Components include 1024/512 Kbps 4:1, VSAT Package, Device with two USA DID numbers, WiFi access point, FastEthernet LAN switch, SafeAccess™, VideoMeetings, SatFax, and VoIP. Optional solar power supply is also included. Other self-contained bundled solutions include NewCom’s Rural Education Package, which bundles Internet access and its VideoMeetings™ service with online educational materials that meet government curriculum requirements, and Live Stream Mobile™ – a mobile video streaming package.