Satnews Daily
September 13th, 2017

Speedcast Delves Into New Comms Solutions for Maritime and Energy Sectors

Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA) has introduced GO4SPEED™, a new global near-shore, data-only, 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) solution for Maritime and Energy.

GO4SPEED provides flexible usage packages, cost control and overage protection, is easy to install and can be configured to compliment other communications services such as VSAT and MSS. GO4SPEED is ideal for any vessel or offshore rig and can enhance the onboard internet with download speeds up to 100Mbps (4G/LTE carrier dependent). GO4SPEED can receive a signal up to 15 km offshore depending upon the vessel's position, antenna and cellular tower location. If a 4G/LTE signal is not available, GO4SPEED automatically switches to 3G/HSPDA.
GO4SPEED payment plans are flexible, with a range of bundles to accommodate any requirement. Global 4G/LTE data plans can provide up to 2 TB per month and can also be pooled amongst a fleet to maximize efficiency and cost savings.  Flexible controls and overage protection is provided to ensure that a vessel or rig never exceeds its monthly allowance. GO4SPEED is supplied as a turnkey solution including antennas, and can be easily installed by crew members providing a simple yet reliable option for enhanced connectivity.

Dan Rooney, Speedcast's product director for Commercial Maritime.

Dan Rooney, the product director for Commercial Maritime, Speedcast, stated that GO4SPEED enables cost-effective mobile data for the maritime industry, enhancing our global VSAT and MSS services. The maritime and energy sectors demand affordable, yet manageable, high-speed near-shore communications, and GO4SPEED delivers this — GO4SPEED provides high-speed access to internet and corporate VPN connections, creating a hybrid network with Speedcast's VSAT and MSS services.

Additionally, the company has released their newest value added service for the cruise, ferry, commercial maritime and energy industries, Speedcast TV On Demand™.

This solution allows passengers and crew to access a wide range of entertainment and information onboard any commercial vessel, cruise ship, ferry or offshore rig, and promises a simple user interface, installation and programming.
Speedcast TV On Demand is comprised of a small STB that offers instant access to a large library of movies, TV shows, sports, news, games, music and informational content, and can be updated using a cloud-based login at any time. Speedcast TV On Demand also allows administrators to upload exclusive video content used for passenger and crew information, training and safety. Speedcast TV On Demand is one component of the new Speedcast Media Network™, set to launch additional applications in coming months to enhance onboard entertainment and media content delivery and reliability.   

Steve Scraper, Speedcast's product director for cruise and ferry, noted that this product is innovative and incredibly simple to use, for administrators and end users, and allows customers to supply a wide variety of entertainment content that onboard users would typically access at home. The company's goal is to provide options for enriching the connectivity experience for everyone, and this product definitely achieves that, while also allowing companies to provide critical training and safety information to passengers and crew.