Satnews Daily
December 17th, 2011

NovelSat... Speed Resolution (SATCOM)

[SatNews] NovelSat, the developers of 3G-Sat modulation technology, NS3™, has announced that it has achieved....

....a new satellite data rate world record of 357Mbps on a 72Mhz transponder. The independent trial was conducted by a Tier One telecommunications and Internet service provider in Perris, California, as part of a Fiber Restoral Application study. The transmission was conducted over a 72MHz transponder onboard the C-band, SES satellite, NSS-9, using NovelSat’s NS1000 Modulator and NS2000 Demodulator. This result is a dramatic jump of 113 percent above today’s high-end standard maximum data rate offered by DVB-S2 technology.

 “This professionally managed trial by such a reputable Tier One teleport has proven again our claims for the unmatched performance of our entire line of NS3™ enabled devices. The reported results present great value for ISPs, especially when it comes to Fiber Restoral, Backhaul, Video, Data, Military and Government customer base, on C-, X- and Ku- satellites, with a special dramatic impact on large bandwidth transponders such as HTS Ka- satellites", said Itzik Wulkan, CEO of NovelSat " He added, “This trial is the first of its kind in our ongoing effort to deliver to the market a 1Gbps data rate over a 200MHz transponder toward the end of 2012.”