Satnews Daily
November 21st, 2014

Operations + Roles For Spaceport Australia Brought Forward In Meeting...

[SatNews] Mr. John Moody, from Spaceport Australia, met this past Thursday, November 20th, with Queensland State Government Officials from Innovation and Planning, Mr. Steve Kanoswki and Mr. Greg Fahey, and all engaged in Spaceport Australia discussions.

John Moody.

Greg is a Special Advisor to the Director-General—the discussions surrounding this important project were extremely welcoming, according to Moody, who spoke about operations and roles wherein Space Australia benefit the country. Also in the conversation were Lease Back Options for the site.

The group will meet again in six weeks to follow up and continue the talks aimed at the creation of a Spaceport in Australia.

Additionally, Mr. Moody just completed a journey to the U.S., where he was updated by U.S. Space Officials,  and he has now been able to reduce the current cost of $45 million for a up and running Spaceport down to $12.5 million. Certainly a most productive trip.

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