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August 19th, 2016

The Cloud Is In Space & Is Engaged In Belt Tightening

Space-based data centers, all seamlessly interconnected together, are the core elements for the planned global cloud storage network from Cloud Constellation—SpaceBelt™.

As the firm moves toward closing its Series B funding, Cloud Constellation has announced that four of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers have provided Letters of Technical Confidence certifying they can meet the design architecture for Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt™—the Cloud around the Cloud™. After conducting in-depth technical studies, these top manufacturers concluded that SpaceBelt's satellite architecture is both technically feasible and achievable.

SpaceBelt's cloud infrastructure was originally designed to provide secure storage and global transport of mission-critical, sensitive data, without interruption or exposure to any surreptitious elements or unintended jurisdictions.  Throughout the design process, the team uncovered numerous telecommunications discoveries to reveal nine of the most important system features to date intended to solve many of today's security, latency, cross-jurisdictional, broadband and government security challenges.

Letters of Technical Confidence ushered in next phase—based on extensive technical analysis studies, these letters of technical confidence will serve as proof that the company's architectural requirements and specifications can be assuredly met by the leading spacecraft manufacturers. The letters also certify the feasibility of the design of the spacecraft to meet Cloud Constellation's technical requirements as well as the company's targeted delivery schedule.

On August 2, 2016, Cloud Constellation filed a U.S. patent application No. 15/255,826 for their comprehensive Space-Based Electronic Data Storage and Transfer Network System.

Scott Sobhani, Cloud Constellation CEO and co-founder, said, "We designed SpaceBelt because we believe the world needs a better way to securely store and transport sensitive data—the kind of imperative information that must be protected from misuse. To our astonishment, we discovered that SpaceBelt would enable any enterprise or government hybrid cloud hub to provision its own remote offices around the world in less than a third of a second without regard for geographic location or distance to data center, eliminating the need to build more replicated data centers just to be closer to regional offices around the world. This empowers cloud service providers with an alternative to costly multiregional replication and data center expansion, increasing their profit margins while conserving energy and reducing their global carbon footprint impact.  We couldn't be more thrilled to move into the next phase of development for the sake of enabling a sustainable and secure future."

According to Clifford Beek, the Cloud Constellation president of SpaceBelt global commercial services, the letters of confidence provide a 'technical endorsement' that offer support and, to some extent, a degree of risk mitigation for company investors while simultaneously providing potential subsystem vendors with a sense of confidence that the program is achievable.