Satnews Daily
November 21st, 2016

A Totally Civil Approach to Mining & Engineering Needs From Airbus Defence and Space

A uniquely accurate satellite-based change detection and volume calculation service has been launched by Airbus Defence and Space with their “Stack Insight" service, which is specifically developed for mining and civil engineering applications.

Stack Insight eliminates much of the cost and all the risk associated with on-site surveying. The service can be used to remotely calculate extracted volumes, including piles and stacks of mined material. In addition it has the capability to assess changing volumes. “Stack Insight” uses the firm’s very high-resolution 50 cm imagery products from its optical Pléiades constellation, which offers high flexibility and up to daily revisit capabilities of any area around the world.

Pleiades has been observing and mapping Earth’s surface at a resolution of just 70 cm every day since December 2011.

Initial studies show an error-rate of less than two percent, proving that “Stack Insight” is a highly accurate mine and civil engineering monitoring tool. At the same time, "Stack Insight' offers the major advantage that no expensive equipment or experts are required on site. The services’ automatically derived results of structural, ground and water body changes or other surface changes are provided in a user-friendly report to match the required frequency of data collection.