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October 14th, 2014

PCI Geomatics Software...No Specialized Hardware Required To Model 3D Features In 2D 

[SatNews] PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, and partner IAVO have announced the release of 3D FeatureXtract (3DFE).

By calculating feature heights and outlines of overlapping satellite or aerial imagery, 3DFE can model 3D features in a 2D environment, without any need for specialized hardware. The software was developed by leading scientists at IAVO, a research and development company based in Durham, North Carolina. This update, which brings the software version up to v3.1, contains a number of new improvements to further add to the ease of creating accurate 3D models.The all-new 3D Viewer allows users to navigate their 3D site model during the collection process, providing an improved QA/QC tool. Users can watch as the geometry changes in real time when new models are being built. A host of new drawing tools are designed to improve geometry creation with new shapes that include ellipses, Boolean geometry to combine shapes, and parameterized structures to create custom shapes with just a few simple parameters.

Combined with Geomatica 2014 software with new, Live DEM editing and superior DSM-extraction capabilities, PCI Geomatics users now have access to sophisticated 3D generation and editing tools in a lightweight, powerful package.

“This update to 3DFE expands the software’s power in addressing growing trends in 3D feature modeling,” said PCI Geomatics Product Marketing Manager David Piekny. “The software continues to impress with fast, precise, highly accurate results from an intuitive and simple to use interface.”

Other new 3D FeatureXtract Version 3.1 features include:

Data Ingestion
The new Data Discovery tool makes it easier than ever to load data into 3D FeatureXtract by allowing users to query their data repositories for imagery that covers the user's region of interest and meets workflow requirements.

  • Search By Region: Effortlessly search for data in your repository within a radius of your target location
  • Search By Date: Only use the latest data, or use whatever you have at hand
  • Search By Bands, GSD, or Obliquity: Narrow down the results to fit the best needs of your production goal
  • Filter By Type: Only use those image products that support your workflows

3D Viewer
The all-new 3D Viewer allows users to navigate their 3D site model, during and after creation, providing the ultimate QA/QC tool at your fingertips. Watch as the geometry changes as new models are built and existing ones are edited.

New Drawing Tools
The software now provides a series of new tools that will help users improve geometry creation. These include:

  • Ellipses: Ellipses are more common than circles in modern architecture - Now users can draw ellipses with ease.
  • Snapping Tools: Snap to point? That was useful...now users can snap to edges or even planes
  • Extrude to Surface: Before, extrusion was always to the DEM, but with the new extrusion to surface capability structures now extrude to the first geometry encountered, whether that is a building, or the underlying terrain.
  • Boolean Geometry: Combine simple 2D shapes to make more complex ones. With the new Shape Combination tools, it is simple to do.
  • Split Edges: Geometry refinement begins with a breakup.
  • Parameterized Structures: Roofs, domes, and walls can all be described with just a few parameters. Now, there are more parameterized structures than ever before.

Performance Improvements
A number of optimizations and performance improvements make this the most robust, fastest performing version of 3D FeatureXtract ever.

PCI Geomatics is the global distributor for 3D FeatureXtract software, with additional distribution through its international reseller network.

For more information, and to download an evaluation version of the software, please visit the PCI Geomatics infosite http://www.pcigeomatics.com/3DFE