Satnews Daily
February 26th, 2015

For Broadcast Betterment, Advantech's New SBM75X Satellite Modulator

[SatNews] Advantech Wireless has released their new Satellite Modulator SBM75X, high data rate, for broadcast applications.

The new SBM75x modulator series from Advantech Wireless, is fully compliant with the new DVB-SX standard. With data rates up to 75 Msps, and low Roll-Off Factor of 5 percent, it can cover a full 72 MHz transponder with maximum bandwidth efficiency. Designed for the broadcast industry, the Advantech Wireless’ SBM75X Satellite Modulator accepts IP traffic, or it can multiplex up to 8xASI independent streams into one single 75 MHz carrier. Combined with Advantech Wireless Series of SapphireBluTM UltraLinearTM GaN technology based SSPAs/SSPBs, these new modulators can occupy a full transponder with one carrier and operate it in saturation, for the most efficient use of satellite resources.

“The key driver for our innovations is to deliver best performance to achieve the best ROI in the market,” said Cristi Damian, VP Business development at Advantech Wireless. “The new SBM75X is ideally positioned to operate on the new generation of HTS satellites, due to its advanced capabilities and high data rate.”

Visit Advantech Wireless Booth No. 7019 at the Satellite 2015 Conference and Exhibition that will take place March 16th through March 19th, in Washington, DC.