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September 10th, 2014

Spacecom + EXCAF Telecom—Broadcast Betterment with AMOS 5 (Satellite—Capacity)

[SatNews] Spacecom (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: SCC), the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has announced that the AMOS-5 satellite has won a long-term contract from Senegal's EXCAF Telecom for satellite capacity to digitize the country's broadcast services.

Artistic rendition of the AMOS 5 satellite.

Located at the 17degrees East prime orbital position, AMOS-5's peak satellite signal over Senegal enables EXCAF Telecom to create West Africa's first digital terrestrial network. EXCAF Telecom, the provider of the largest TV bouquet in Senegal, will download its broadcast signals from the AMOS-5 Ku-beam to multiple points of distribution. From these head-ends, EXCAF will send the signals over a terrestrial network throughout the country. EXCAF's signal will originate from Dakar, the capital.

AMOS-5 is an all-around solution for broadcast and data clients because its excellent coverage, strong footprint, and reliable and powerful signals meet their technological needs throughout the continent. From 17 degrees East, AMOS-5's three Ku-band beams and pan-African C-band beam add value to broadcasters, a wide array of data, telecommunication and Internet providers.

EXCAF Telecom's Owner and CEO Sidy Diagne, said, "The project to digitize broadcast in Senegal is of national importance. We selected AMOS-5 due its beam's signal strength, the support provided and the satellite's capacity to expand our network. Bringing DTT to Senegal is highly important in positioning Senegal as a leading country in the broadcast field and bringing television to the Senegalese population."

"AMOS-5 is spreading digital broadcast throughout Africa with an emphasis on French-speaking countries, and the addition of this new business in Senegal strengthens AMOS’ position on the continent," said Sharon Weissman, Spacecom's vice president of sales for French-Speaking Africa. "Senegal is an integral part of French-speaking Africa and working with EXCAF further strengthens AMOS-5’s role from its 17 degrees East orbital position as a regional hot-spot."

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