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March 10th, 2014

CET Teleport + Limeline—Moniker Moves (Business)

[SatNews] CET Teleport GmbH and Limeline Group are becoming part of the Onlime Group as of March 10th, 2014.

Onlime brings together the solid technical expertise of CET Teleport in Germany with the extensive developing world experience of the Limeline Group to lead the way in delivery high quality, secure and reliable business communications customers across the globe. CET Teleport GmbH will be operating under the new name of Onlime GmbH. Customers will continue to deal with the same entity, only with the different name. All account details will remain the same, with the only exception being the email addresses will have their domain replaced with xxxx.yyyy@online.com. The teleport facility will continues to be a fully manned disaster recovery facility with a help desk running 24/7. Plus, the organization's dedicated team will continue to be based in offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Sierra Leone, Angola, DR Congo, South Africa and the U.A.E.

For further information, please access http://www.onlime.com/