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March 23rd, 2009

MonicsNet Called Into Action By HISPASAT

Integral Sat Corp. Monics NOC Integral Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq: ISYS), has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SAT Corporation, has received a contract from HISPASAT to upgrade the Carrier Monitoring System throughout HISPASAT's network, extending the existing MonicsNet network to support the AMAZONAS 1 and AMAZONAS 2 communications systems.

MonicsNet is a global monitoring system providing automatic monitoring of HISPASAT's carriers using SAT Corporation's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. MonicsNet technology provides carrier monitoring and interference detection in a fraction of the time of a classic spectrum analyzer. In addition, MonicsNet's unique algorithms automatically detect, characterize, and display interfering signals, and allow results to be viewed at any time. The Monics system will be devoted to monitoring and detecting interference and/or unauthorized users of the AMAZONAS System payloads. HISPASAT, created in 1989, is a global satellite operator offering coverage and service in Europe and the Americas.