Satnews Daily
September 14th, 2016

Flat Is Good For Aviation Comms, So Believes Kymeta & TECOM

Communication product development for the aviation market continues to experience growth and firms are pooling their technological resources to address this segment's needs.

Such is the case for Kymeta and TECOM, who have just announced a Partner Development Program Agreement for the aviation market. Under the terms of the agreement, TECOM will incorporate Kymeta® mTenna® technology into an aviation grade terminal to demonstrate connectivity to a Ku-band satellite.

Kymeta’s flat panel satellite antenna technology offers a lightweight, low profile and low maintenance antenna that significantly cuts operational costs of aircraft connectivity by reducing the drag, weight, and maintenance compared to current aircraft satellite terminals. Kymeta is addressing an industry-wide issue and enabling a level of high-speed, global connectivity that crew and passengers want while in the air.

According to Bill Marks, the Chief Commercial Officer at Kymeta, with this agreement, the company is one step closer to delivering the benefits of Kymeta’s satellite antenna technology to aviation market customers.

Greg Lackmeyer, the Director, Business Development at TECOM, added that coupling Kymeta’s mTenna® antenna technology with his firm's nexgen RF transceiver is transformational for the global IFC marketplace, as they consistently receive requests for flat panel solutions from airlines and IFEC providers. This combination will provide customers with unique technology that will enable lower operational costs, while delivering high quality data throughput.