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March 14th, 2018

Converged Satellite-LTE Services Rolls Out from Skycasters

Skycasters LLC has developed a Converged Wireless Internet service that delivers greater reliability, efficiency and cost savings to businesses currently using satellite wireless internet.

Dubbed CWi ("see-wee"), this new service combines the benefits of satellite and LTE wireless internet services into one integrated, business-grade solution for companies in remote locations or relying on mission-critical data communications.

CWi provides

  • One system, one customer support line, one solution for the converged service
  • Two or more independent connections – satellite and LTE converged from diverse paths
  • Multiple, converged connections for maximum uptime – up to 99.999 percent
  • Unique configuration and 24-hour monitoring for greater network efficiency


Most providers simply "bond" separate connections; however, Skycasters manages both connections simultaneously for their customers, resulting in simplified network management.

Skycasters CWi service is available in two packages

  • CWi Standard — two diverse connections with 99.9% network availability guaranteed.*
  • CWi 3D — three diverse connections with up to 99.999% network availability guaranteed.*


CWi subscribers enjoy several technical advantages over traditional satellite-only connections:

  • High reliability. CWi's configuration provides satellite and LTE services from independent paths to deliver at least 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Less downtime. If one connection fails, the entire service quickly switches to the other connection until the failed service is restored
  • Cost savings. By pairing Skycasters' iDirect satellite network platform with Verizon Wireless' industry-leading LTE cellular network, CWi delivers the most reliable connectivity for up to 75 percent cost than a premium, Ku band, iDirect-metered, satellite-only service
  • A better experience. The unified service delivers faster, more seamless web surfing – eliminating frustrating delays caused by an Internet outage


The Founder and CEO of SkyCasters, Don Jacobs, said that the company revolutionizes the performance of satellite internet by combining multiple diverse wireless connections — one satellite and one or more cellular — into one service. The LTE and satellite connections are uniquely configured to deliver maximum value of a truly converged network. Company customers get the benefits of both individual options, while realizing greater efficiencies and reliability from a dual connection — all managed by Skycasters' state-of-the-art network. Having multiple connections for wireless internet — but through one, unified service — gives SkyCasters customers a huge competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, cost and, most importantly, reliability

*Restrictions apply based on equipment, configuration and coverage area.