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March 13th, 2020

Radeus Labs Completes Their Acquisition of Satellite Systems Corporation

Radeus Labs, Inc. recently closed their acquisition of the company product line of SSC, formerly Satellite Systems Corporation.

The SSC™ Beacon Tracking Receiver (now Radeus SSC™ BTR) product line, which has been a mainstay of Earth stations worldwide for nearly 40 years, is the first product line that Radeus Labs is placing into production at their facilities in Southern California.

The Radeus Labs SSC™ BTR product line.

The BTR expands the existing SATCOM product offerings of the 8200, 2200 and 2300 Antenna Control Systems and also provides the option of an external tracking receiver from Radeus Labs.

Radeus Labs’ CEO, Juliet Correnti, said this acquisition supports the strategic expansion of the company's product line and further strengthens the firm's ability to deliver a comprehensive control system solutions for business partners and customers. With this acquisition, Radeus Labs will manufacture and provide support for it’s new SSC™ product line as part of its SATCOM line of business. The new Radeus SSC™ product line consists of Beacon Tracking Receivers (BTR), Frequency Converters, Block Down Converters (BDCs) and Low Noise Block Converters (LNBs).

The CTO of Radeus Labs, Ken Cone, noted that, available immediately, the company is also going to be an effective starting platform for the new monopulse tracking receiver.