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April 4th, 2011

Surrey Satellite Technology US... Buying That Bus (Satellites)

[SatNews] Space-qualified satellite platforms may now be purchased online...

Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC (SST-US) has expanded its e-commerce product offering to include space-qualified satellite platforms. In August of 2010, SST-US officially launched its e-commerce website Surrey Online to offer its customers the ability to purchase Surrey’s off-the-shelf satellite subsystems directly online. Now, SST-US has taken the next step — an industry first — and has also made its satellite platforms available for purchase online. Satellite platforms now available at Surrey Online include the SSTL-100, SSTL-150, SSTL-300, and SSTL-600. These four baseline platforms deliver a comprehensive range of payload and mission capabilities from 15 kg/24 W to 200 kg/400 W, from low orbit earth (LEO) to geosynchronous (GEO), and can be modified to accommodate mission-specific requirements.

Other Surrey Online product offerings include off-the-shelf flight subsystems ranging from single stand-alone units, such as GPS receivers, X-band antenna pointing mechanisms and reaction wheels, to full subsystem suites such as power conditioning and switching systems. Surrey Online offers additional enhanced features for satellite mission and systems teams, as registered users will be able to make use of STEP files and drawings to accelerate the development and maturity of their mission designs and shorten their procurement schedules. Dr. John Paffett, CEO of SST-US, said, “Surrey Online provides a one-stop-shop for our customers to rapidly access information and procure the heritage satellite systems they need to deliver successful missions. Once again at the forefront of satellite innovation, Surrey is leading the way in developing innovative applications for customers to benefit from economic space solutions.”