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January 13th, 2011

ATK + U.S. Space... New Company Given Life To Bring New Life To Satellites (Spacecraft)

[SatNews] U.S. Space LLC, a U.S.-based creator of dedicated space solutions for government and commercial clients, and ATK [NYSE: ATK], an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company, have announced the creation of ViviSat, a new satellite life extension venture.

ViviSat provides geosynchronous satellite operators with flexible, scalable, capital-efficient, and low-risk in-orbit mission extension and protection services that can add several years to the revenue-producing life of a satellite. ViviSat’s Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV) is designed to dock with the orbiting satellite, securely latch on to it, and serve as a back-up propulsion system. This enables a mission extension for satellites which have run out of maneuvering fuel yet still have plenty of electrical power to operate their payloads. ViviSat services include rendezvous and docking without interruption of satellite operation, long-term station-keeping and attitude control, relocation to different orbits or orbital slots, de-orbiting, and rescue and re-orbiting of satellites stranded in incorrect orbital slots.

Edward D. Horowitz, Chairman of ViviSat and Co-founder of U.S. Space, said, “ViviSat is a new company dedicated to providing satellite operators, the U.S. Government and its coalition government partners with in-orbit mission extension and protection services. ViviSat’s service model delivers a game-changing advance in financial efficiency, operating flexibility and risk mitigation. ViviSat provides satellite operators around the world solutions designed to improve performance, return and cash flow from existing space assets and activate new markets and new opportunities.”

Tom Wilson, Board Member of ViviSat and Vice President and General Manager of ATK Spacecraft Systems and Services, said, “In-orbit mission extension and operations protection are a brand new market and ViviSat will enable operators to extend satellite mission duration, drive asset value, and protect their franchises in ways no other provider can offer. ATK is an industry leader in space systems technology, subsystems, and components for satellites of all classes. We have a proven record of performance with a legacy of on-orbit success developed from numerous prior missions –Earth Observing-1, THEMIS, and TacSat-3. The ViviSat venture matches our overall objective to deliver innovative solutions based on customer needs.” Tom Wilson's bio

Horowitz and Wilson outlined the roles of the two companies in the ViviSat venture. U.S. Space is the operating entity, with responsibility for mission management, marketing, legal, and finance. ATK is the mission prime contractor, with responsibility for manufacture and delivery of the spacecraft, launch and ground segments. Horowitz and Wilson also announced the ViviSat senior team:
  • Major General, USAF (Ret.) Craig P. Weston is Chief Executive Officer of ViviSat
  • Bryan McGuirk is Chief Operating Officer of ViviSat
  • Mark Piegza is Chief Financial Officer of ViviSat
  • Dr. Dany Harel is Chief Technical Officer of ViviSat
Weston said, “ViviSat has the space dream team – a deeply experienced and accomplished management backed by creative and customer-oriented investors. We look forward to growing this new mission area for the benefit of commercial and government operators.”