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March 6th, 2014

CPI Satcom Products—Technology Showcase @ Satellite 2014 (Event—SATCOM)

[SatNews] CPI Satcom Products will be demonstrating a number of new products during Satellite 2014 at booth 4016—they will include their new 750w TOUCHPOWER(tm) series of HPAs, their expands GaN-based product line expansion with a new 80w Ku-band BUC CPI, and their multi-band BUC capability in Ka- and Ku-band HPAs.


  • CPI will introduce the 750w touchscreen TOUCHPOWER™ TWTA at Satellite 2014, with a presentation at the Showcase Theater on the show floor at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday March 11. This new TWTA combines the latest developments in touchscreen technology with other technological innovations to dramatically improve ease of use and to maximize the value of the amplifier by reducing cost of ownership. The amplifier features: Configurable color displays which allow you to set the parameters and settings you wish to see SCOPESCREEN, providing charts and graphs displaying amplifier performance over time CAN-Bus technology, greatly improving noise immunity and reliability an option to improve TWT cathode life by 30-50 percent using LifeExtender technology The TouchPower TWTA will be on display in booth 4016 during the exhibition.

Multi-band BUCs

  • CPI's multi-band BUC.
    Now Available in Ka- and Ku-band at this year's show, CPI is introducing a multi-band BUC option to several of their amplifiers. Until now, available RF bandwidth has been limited by integral BUCs. Now users can expand RF bandwidth by selecting different BUC LO frequencies via the M&C CIF. Multi-band BUCs are available on many CPI Ka-band and Ku-band models. Visit CPI at booth 4016 for more information.

  • CPI's 80w Ku- GaN BUC.
    CPI is also introducing their new 80w Ku-band GaN BUC, the latest addition to their expanding line of GaN products. Both the new 80w and recently introduced 40w BUCs are ideal for satellite uplinks where light weight and compact size are critical factors in overall system design, such as in maritime, MILSATCOM, SOTM, emergency response, offshore energy and natural gas extraction applications. This BUC is nearly twice as efficient as traditional GaAs Ku-band BUCs. This amplifier also features multi-band, user selectable LO frequency providing increased RF bandwidth in a single BUC.

CPI's MCL Facility Moves to Lisle, Illinois
CPI has moved its MCL service facility from Bolingbrook, Illinois to nearby Lisle. CPI Chicago Operation's contact  phone number is +1 (630) 759-9500. The facility will continue to provide full service capabilities on all MCL HPAs. CPI Chicago Operations has also retained some limited manufacturing to support fielded products. For international customers, MCL's previous network of worldwide service centers remains intact. To contact MCL service, please visit http://www.mcl.com/ or http://www.cpii.com/satcomsupport.

Also on display will be some of the company's state-of-the-art SuperLinear TWTAs, solid state BUCs, and 500 W Ka-band outdoor TWTAs.