Satnews Daily
November 10th, 2016

ViaLite's Diversity Affinity Delivered For Telesat

Ka-band diversity will now be the result for global satellite operator Telesat thanks to ViaLite Communications providing their long distance RF over fiber link solution.

The link acts as a rain fade solution, allowing the gateway signals operated over the new Telstar 12 VANTAGE HTS to be operated from either dish. As the dishes are situated over 60 km apart, it is unlikely there would be adverse weather conditions in both locations at the same time, so the Ka-Band signal (which is susceptible to rain fade) can be taken from the location with the best weather conditions.

The VANTAGE, which was launched late 2015, is located at 15 degrees West and uses a combination of regional beams and focused high throughput spot beams to increase capacity and offer exceptional broadband performance. The ViaLite long distance system design also allows for the highly time-critical transfers required by the TDMA VSAT Hub application for IP.

The system works through the use of a specially designed laser which can cover up to 600 km when amplification and dispersion compensation stages are used. The Telesat system was tested and installed by ViaLite. A standard ViaLite RF over fiber link has also been used to connect the local dish at Mount Jackson Teleport to the main equipment room. The ViaLite long distance system design has become the blueprint for Telesat’s long term Ka-Band diverse antenna system installations.