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March 25th, 2019

Icom's Satellite PTT Radio to Debut During Q2

Icom Inc. will be releasing their IC-SAT100, Satellite PTT radio to the global market starting with Japan in Q2 2019 — the IC-SAT100 is built for operation over the Iridium® satellite network.

The IC-SAT100 is the company’s first handheld (SATELLITE PTT) radio that uses a satellite communication network. Unlike satellite phones, the IC-SAT100 will provide radio services to a number of users with a push of the transmit (PTT) button. It can be used as a communication tool in remote isolated areas where there are no mobile phones or landline network infrastructure, such as mountainous areas, remote islands, and desert areas.  Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, satellite communication can provide a stable backup independent from other networks.

The unit's main features include...

  • Real-time, one-to-many communication with one push of the transmit button
  • Reliability of communication in isolated areas or for emergency situations
  • Global coverage with the Iridium® satellite network
  • A flat monthly fee applied, no additional call charge
  • Compact, user-friendly satellite PTT radio with military grade ruggedness, high audio for noisy environments, and Icom’s legendary quality

The Iridium® satellite network covers the entire earth, including both poles, and can provide wide area global communication anywhere on the planet. Using 66 LEO satellites, it provides low-latency communication and broader, more reliable network coverage compared to GE) satellites.

The IC-SAT100 will be offered widely to governments, military forces, humanitarian organizations, multinational companies, and users that need communication in remote isolated areas or for emergency assistance.ly released and future products. We will be located at booth #1949.