Satnews Daily
February 19th, 2019

Santander Teleport Supports Satellite Drift in Collaboration with RBC SIGNALS

Santander Teleport and RBC Signals have joined forces to provide ground segment services to reposition a geostationary satellite to a new orbital location — the maneuver will enable the satellite to find a new home after several weeks of controlled drift to be conducted later this year.

A 9 meter ground station operated by Santander Teleport is being used to telecommand the satellite and track its position, with the TT&C system being controlled remotely by the satellite operator. Once it reaches the farthest orbital location visible by the antenna, the control of the satellite will be handed over to another teleport to continue and complete the drift.

Executive Comments

Carlos Raba, MD of Santander Teleport, said the company is delighted to support RBC Signals and are thankful for the trust that the firm's new partner has placed in Santander. The resiliency of the firm's infrastructure and ability to adapt to the demanding needs of this mission have been key in this joint collaboration — the satellite drift started and continues flawlessly.

Christopher Richins, CEO of RBC Signals, added that Santander Teleport has been an ideal partner for this mission with their flexibility and technical execution. As RBC Signals has now expanded the firm's service offerings to include geostationary missions, partners such as Santander Teleport provide customers access to excellent ground station assets and expertise.