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June 30th, 2015

TSoIP Is Now Supported By NovelSat For Their Entire Line Of Satellite Transmission Offerings

[SatNews] As broadcast industry demand for IP-based satellite transmission continues to grow, NovelSat has debuted their Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) support for their entire line of satellite transmission products.

In satellite transmission, TSoIP makes is possible to send and receive compressed HD video transport streams over long distances on any IP network. When the TSoIP option is installed, NovelSat satellite transmission equipment—including satellite modulators, demodulators and a line of modems—can perform UDP and RTP encapsulation/de-encapsulation, remove or reduce IP jitter and implement forward error correction (FEC) according to the SMPTE 2022 standard.

NovelSat NS3000 Satellite Modem, NS2000 Satellite Demodulator &
NS1000 Satellite Modulator.

NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators can now run in Dual Channel mode with ASI and TSoIP inputs/outputs operating in parallel. TSoIP transmission on NovelSat devices operates at bitrates up to 216Mbps. TSoIP is a standard option on all new NovelSat equipment, which will soon (Q3 2015) also include the world’s most spectrum-efficient satellite transmission waveform – NovelSat NS4 – which boosts capacity by up to 25% compared with DVB-S2X. NovelSat is encouraging its existing customers to contact their NovelSat support office for information on TSoIP option upgrades.

Executive Comment

“NovelSat equipment is designed for optimal interconnectivity and forward compatibility with existing and future standards and protocols,” said Dan Peleg, NovelSat CTO. “Together with standard ASI video transmission and IP support, NovelSat has now expanded its compatibility with support for all IRDs and encoders that use TSoIP.”