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August 3rd, 2009

Malaysian UAV Climbs New Heights

The ALUDRA (Allianced Unmanned Developmental Research Aircraft) UAV, deployed by the Malaysian Joint Forces in Ops Pasir at Pandanan and Sipadan Resorts, will be launched early next year.

Aludra UAV (Malaysia) Defence Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the UAV was capable of sending data and photographs to the operation center for analysis in order for quick follow-up action to be taken. "Although I am happy with the UAV, I hope that it can be improved, particularly the area of coverage and length of flying time during operations. We have to make some improvements so that the UAV is suited to the local climate, wind circulation, and topography," he said after visiting Kem Sri Wangsa and witnessing a test drive of the ALUDRA UAV. Zaid said Malaysia needed six UAV for surveillance and intelligence work to assist the army, air force and navy in protecting the country's 1,700 kilometre coastline. He added Malaysia also had a prototype UAV which did not need a runway to take-off, thus saving the cost of building infrastructure. The ALUDRA UAV was manufactured by Unmanned Systems Technology Sdn Bhd (UST).