Satnews Daily
November 23rd, 2010

ScheduALL... ERMa Makes It Easier (Software)

[SatBroadcasting(tm)] ScheduALL announced their ERMa technology is a winning solution for the global media and broadcast community.

ERMa enables real-time connectivity and collaboration from one ScheduALL system to another, allowing broadcasters to subscribe, view and book availability from their vendor network “just in time” from their core ScheduALL system. This eliminates fumbled phone calls and email exchanges that often take hours or days to confirm bookings. A specific area of interest for broadcasters is how they make bookings to distribute their content over satellite and terrestrial networks. With ERMa, broadcasters can subscribe to numerous providers with their unique service offering and have the flexibility to choose the shortest, cheapest or fastest path to get their content to market. More competition means better visibility, improved service levels and often stronger relationships with vendors who best serve the broadcasters growing business needs. The ERMa module is an extension of a core ScheduALL system that most broadcasters are already using to manage their operation, workflows are now accelerated and bookings are streamlined for even greater profitability.

Broadcasters not only win with this real-time ability to buy what they need when they need it at competitive price points, but they also improve order accuracy and reporting via system-to-system auditing and reporting tools from their core ScheduALL system. This provides the broadcaster with deeper analytics on how much they buy, from which providers and how often to better manage their inventories and investments. Matching actual use to a project invoice then on to payables eliminates hundreds of hours each year in auditing and improves collection capabilities for the vendors themselves.

"Real-time system-to-system collaboration is something the industry has been talking about for over a decade," said Samantha McCloskey, VP Global Occasional Use Services & Special Events, SES WORLD SKIES. "ScheduALL's ERMa functionality allows us to get closer to our customers and make bookings easier. With ERMa, we are able to leverage ScheduALL to expand our platform and client reach as well as better serve our existing trusted broadcast and teleport partners."