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March 19th, 2018

NEC's Satellite Operation Center Ready in April to Provide 3D Animation Visualizations and More

Plans were announced by NEC Corporation [TSE: 6701] that the NEC Satellite Operation Center, a base of operations for satellites is scheduled to be fully operational in April of this year

NEC Satellite Operation Center

The center will initiate operations for the ASNARO-2, a precision compact radar satellite that was developed with assistance from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and launched in January of this year. The center uses NEC's GroundNEXTAR ground operations system and a high-security data center that was established using dedicated equipment. Moreover, the center can be used to operate multiple satellites simultaneously, as an expansion of operations is planned for the future.

GroundNEXTAR is a high-quality ground system package developed by NEC based on the expertise the company has acquired through approximately 60 years working on the development and production of satellites and construction of ground systems. In addition to the primary operational functions provided by GroundNEXTAR, the system also offers visualization of satellite operations, especially 3D animation visualizations, and a distribution function for images. As a result, NEC plans to bring to market a wide range of images taken by ASNARO-2 in collaboration with Japan EO-Satellite Service, Ltd. (JEOSS)(1) starting in September of this year.

Hiroyuki Nagano, general manager, National Security Solutions Division, NEC Corporation said as the first satellite production company in Japan to provide comprehensive space solutions, including satellite production and utilization, NEC will contribute to solving a variety of social challenges through space projects such as satellite operation, data distribution and data utilization.

(1) Japan EO-Satellite Service, Ltd. (JEOSS)