Satnews Daily
September 3rd, 2018

Convertible Marine Antenna is Issued by Intellian

Intellian has launched their new, 85 cm Ku- to Ka-band convertible maritime VSAT antenna — the Intellian v85NX — the first to be developed based on the high-performance, more reliable, NX platform.
The v85NX is a future-proof system that supports GEO constellations as well as ensuring compatibility with future networks, such as LEO and MEO. The antenna is designed to be easily convertible from Ku- to Ka-band by simply changing the RF Assembly and Feed, while still using the dual-band optimized reflector and radome, and is the first antenna capable of supporting full 2.5 GHz Wide Ka-band networks — users can avoid the necessity of purchasing a completely new system to use new services in the future.

According to the company, the next-gen v85NX is now the best-performing sub-1 meter class terminal available with a number of key features that make it easier to install, operate and maintain. The new 85 cm antenna has the best RF performance using a highly efficient RF design that substantially increases gain compared to existing 80 cm class systems operating on Ku-band. This increase in gain enables the antenna to operate on 1m networks despite its small size, giving smaller vessels access to those networks. The v85NX also has several different BUC power options available, up to 25W, that give it a wider operational range than other sub-1m-class antennas.
With the modular component design, the number of spare parts is significantly reduced by more than 30%. It now only needs 13 common spare parts to fix most potential problems — this means reliability is improved, maintenance is simpler and the total cost of ownership for the system is lowered.
The v85NX combines Tx, Rx and DC power into one coaxial cable for simplified installation. The new radome design has a single external cable connection, combined with dynamic motor braking, so the radome no longer has to be removed during installation. Intellian also provides an upgraded antenna management and control platform, AptusNX, which has been configured to be more intuitive. This new tool can be operated by simply plugging a laptop into the ACU without any need to download extra software. The AptusNX software presents an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide to more easily complete setup, and with enhanced diagnostic capabilities the software can send an alert to the operator when predictive maintenance is required.
The new v85NX is ideal for the commercial shipping, oil and gas, yachting and high-end fishing markets.