Satnews Daily
November 19th, 2013

Xytech Has Their Finger On The Pulse...MediaPulse Transmission

[SatNews] designed to master the multi-faceted operational issues you face...

Xytech’s flagship product, MediaPulse Transmission is the fastest growing solution for broadcast transmission service management. Specifically designed to master the multi-faceted operational issues you face, MediaPulse brings parameter-based management to issues such as transponder use, antenna use, and transmission path engineering plans.

Now satellite providers, broadcasters, cable systems, and teleports can have an end-to-end management and operation ecosystem integrating with Miranda, Net Insight, Avid, Crystal Solutions and other vendors in the video transmission space.

The Circuit Profiles and Specifications now allow for the automated creation of multiple circuits in an order, based upon user configurable parameters in an easy to use, modern interface.

These advances dramatically cut the cost of implementation while delivering truly automated solutions. Xytech continues with the innovation of their products and the creation of new solutions.