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April 5th, 2016

Moving On Up... Walter To Vice President @ Sevis Systems...

[Satnews]  Sevis Systems has appointed Ian Walter as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

The appointment follows the successful integration with multiple vendors of satellite ground segment equipment, and represents another important step towards Sevis’ mission of dramatically reducing backhaul costs and improving the user experience via the continuous development of new optimization features.

Sevis Systems' new Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Ian Walter.

Mr. Walter has more than 20 years of experience in the mobile communications industry in product management of 2G, 3G and 4G macro and small cell base station products. He also designed and deployed mobile networks with satellite backhaul in markets as diverse as maritime, tactical for military and first responders, remote communities and aeronautical for business jets.

Prior to joining Sevis, Mr. Walter held executive positions at Argela, Altobridge and Blue Ocean Wireless. He began his career as a Certified Lead Tradesman at British Airways and as BSS coordinator for Motorola. He was then appointed as product manager at ADC Microcellular Systems and Director of Product Management at Interwave Communications. As VP Technology at Altobridge Corp and CTO of Blue Ocean Wireless, Mr. Walter was instrumental in the development and roll out of maritime, aeronautical and military GSM services over satellite backhaul.

At Sevis, Mr. Walter will be key contributor as Sevis grows from where it is today through its subsequent phases of research, development and launch of new Sevis applications for satellite and terrestrial backhaul markets. In this role he will work closely with Tim Peyla, Global VP Business Development and the Sevis teams in Dallas, Texas, Singapore and Argentina. Based in Washington, DC, Mr. Walter will also serve as the local point of contact for leading satellite operators and ground segment technology partners in the Washington, DC area.

Steve Samaniego, President of Sevis Systems, said, “We have been searching for the right executive to help us drive Sevis’ next growth phase. Ian has deep strategic, managerial and technical experience in both mobile and satellite sectors, making him an ideal addition to the Sevis team. As satellite operators continue launching next-generation high-throughput satellites (HTS) and our user/ partner ecosystem continues to grow, Ian will be instrumental towards delivering on our ongoing responsibility as the trusted technology partner who bridges cellular and satellite networks with next-generation optimization solutions.”

Ian Walter, VP Marketing & Business Development, said, “Sevis is a highly respected company with a terrific vision, a specialized development team, and strong partners worldwide. I’m excited to join Sevis and look forward to bringing my experience to help Sevis continue developing its Intelligent Backhaul Optimizer suite of applications, the most advanced cellular backhaul optimization and acceleration technology.”