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January 28th, 2011

XipLink + OmniGlobe... Getting Optimization Onboard (Nets)

SatNews] XipLink has announced that OmniGlobe has deployed the Company’s advanced optimization technology to reduce bandwidth requirements while providing their customers with improved connectivity performance.

OmniGlobe has seen full capacity utilization in combination with intelligent QoS, bandwidth reduction through compression techniques and user experience improvement by utilizing the XipLink technology through two-way TCP acceleration. XipLink XA Appliances are used for optimizing satellite networks of entire un-served or under-served communities. OmniGlobe uses an XA-30K hub device and typically XA-2000 appliances in the remote communities. In addition to XipLink's standard optimization techniques, the XA-30K uses the XipLink Hub Optimizations (XHO) to further reduce bandwidth and speed the Internet experience.

XipLink’s XA-Series appliances range in scale from 2 Mbps and 50 connections for use in small office locations to redundant high performance systems operating at 155 Mbps and 30,000 simultaneous connections. XipLink appliances also support key value-added options such as a factory installed dynamic web cache, IPSec integrated security software and XiPix lossy compression for outbound web optimization.