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March 20th, 2014

Advantech Wireless—Addition To Their Portfolio (SATCOM—SSPA/SSPB)

[SatNews] Advantech Wireless Inc. has added the new SapphireBlu (tm) 3000W Ku-Band Hubmount UltraLinear (tm) Modular SSPA/SSPB to its broad portfolio of solutions delivering high power density, high linear power and millions of dollars of savings.

The new Advantech Wireless’ SapphireBlu™ 3000W Ku-band Hubmount UltraLinear™ Modular SSPA/SSPB delivers the highest linear power available in the market exceeding all barriers between Klystrons, TWTs and SSPAs. Awarded Teleport Technology of the year 2014 by the World Teleport Association and Most Innovative Product of the Year 2013 for its ground breaking performance and pioneering technology, Advantech Wireless’ SapphireBlu™ Series of UltraLinear™ GaN based High Power Amplifiers and BUCs is the ultimate solution for Direct to Home TV. It is designed for multi carrier operations; it can cover multiple transponders and it is full DVB-S2 enabled. By saturating all transponders of an entire satellite you obtain the maximum power/bandwidth combination that you will ever need. This will translate into savings in energy cost, satellite bandwidth and CAPEX.

Backed by more than 25 years of outdoor SSPA design and manufacturing experience combined with the traditional Advantech Wireless features, this is the only worldwide solution capable of offering the highest efficiency in use of satellite bandwidth and power.

The Advantech Wireless infopage is accessible via this direct link.