Satnews Daily
February 14th, 2013

ASTA...It Hasta Be ASTA To Migrate Former Indigo Telecom Clients

[SatNews] Unfortunately, the existing provider of the this satellite service went into receivership, potentially leaving existing customers without a satellite service...

Perth, Western Australia, 14 February 2013 – Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd (ASTA), has signed an agreement for the migration of Indigo Telecom customers to ASTA.

“As a long standing supplier of Thuraya satellite services for the region, ASTA is pleased to announce the signing of the agreement to help existing customers maintain their satellite handset connection on the Thuraya satellite network. Unfortunately, the existing provider of the Thuraya satellite service went into receivership, potentially leaving existing Indigo Telecom customers without a satellite service,” said Henrik Jacobsen, managing director of ASTA. “We have been working very closely with Optus to migrate customers onto the Optus Thuraya network.”

Henrik adds, “Our activations teams in Brisbane and Perth are working extensively in contacting all customers, advising them of their options and steps to take in order to keep their satellite service active. We are all working to ensure a smooth transfer of services with minimal disruption, so that customers can enjoy a continued service”

New systems were put in place to ensure all customers who transferred over to ASTA were able to keep their phone numbers, and a call plan similar to the one which they were previously on.

“The transfer of all Indigo Telecom’s customers over to ASTA is an example of the capability and capacity ASTA can provide in a very specialized satellite communications market,” said Mr. Jacobsen.

ASTA provides a flexible and complete range of satellite communications hardware, airtime, service and support to the maritime, land (mobile and fixed) and aviation markets in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.