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July 17th, 2019

Intellian and Hyundai Global Service's Partnership Expands the Innovative Integrated Smart Ship Solution

Kwang Heon An, CEO of Hyundai Global Service (left) and Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian (right).

Intellian has signed a strategic partnership in satellite communications with Hyundai Global Service (HGS), a marine engineering and service provider and subsidiary of the world’s number one shipbuilding company, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) group, at Centum Science Park in Busan, Korea.

As the first step of the cooperation, both companies will expand HGS’ innovative ‘Integrated Smart Ship (ISS)’ solution; a digital ecosystem for vessel and fleet management, incorporating a powerful data analysis platform. This solution supports optimal vessel operation and management and is expected to reduce fuel costs by over 6 percent per year. With vessel lifespan varying based on how they are managed, smart ships with integrated digital platform capabilities such as the 'ISS' are more appealing to ship owners looking to reduce costs and environmental impact by optimizing operational efficiency.

HGS secures the satellite communications service, which is fundamental to the ‘ISS’ solution, ensuring it can provide smart services whenever and wherever they are needed. Intellian provides innovative satellite communication antenna systems with resilient and RF performance enabling fast and reliable transmission of large amounts of vessel data to shore. And using Intellian's technology and global service network, HGS managed vessels can be confident of their availability of service world-wide.

A key aspect of the partnership is Intellian’s ability to provide full life-cycle support to the vessels under HGS management from monitoring and maintenance to the general services. Intellian VSAT antennas will be provided to all existing and new HHI ships as a standard package. Both companies will begin sales and marketing of 'ISS' solution and satellite communications systems to various maritime markets primarily merchant, energy, and more.

Both companies have also agreed to co-develop new smart antennas with the aim to ensure on-going improvement to the ISS solution, while enabling HGS and Intellian to respond to customer needs.

Kwang Heon An, CEO of Hyundai Global Service, said that with the integration of Intellian’s satellite communications antenna technology and the company's differentiated ISS digital ship management system, the firm is well positioned to initiate a paradigm-shift in how ships are operated and the value that shipping companies can achieve from previously unobtainable efficiencies.

Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, added the company is delighted to build a strategic partnership with HGS. The firm is confident that this innovative technology and global service network is at the forefront of the smart ship market and Intellian's collaboration with HGS is integral to securing this leading position.