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March 10th, 2016

The MSUA's 2016 Top Maritime Mobility Satcom Innovation Award Goes To Cobham's SAILOR 60 GX

[Satnews] Cobham has won the prestigious Mobile Satellite Users Association’s (MSUA) 2016 Top Maritime Mobility Satcom Innovation award, recognizing the SAILOR 60 GX antenna system as one of the most innovative maritime VSAT systems ever developed.

The SAILOR 60 GX is a brand new 60 cm-class antenna system for Inmarsat’s Ka-band Fleet Xpress—the maritime service offering of the new Global Xpress High Throughput Satellite network. With SAILOR 60 GX, Cobham SATCOM has achieved the perfect balance between size and connectivity performance. Weighing just 82 lbs/37 kg, the SAILOR 60 GX user terminal features one of the lightest Ka-band maritime antennas and boasts class-leading radio performance to ensure a reliable link to the satellite and more availability of communication services across larger sea areas. For maritime vessels with space and/or budget restrictions a new SAILOR 60 GX combined with a SAILOR FleetBroadband system is the perfect hardware platform for Inmarsat’s new generation maritime SATCOM service.

SAILOR 60 GX is based on an advanced new lightweight carbon fiber composites/aluminum design. It retains the same performance and installation benefits that have established SAILOR VSAT antennas as clear technology leaders. Specific innovations of the SAILOR 60 GX technology platform include: Precision reflector dishes, Direct Motor Drives using high torque stepper motors, single cable between antenna and below deck equipment, Automatic Azimuth Calibration, and Automatic Cable Calibration to eliminate cable attenuation.

Cobham SATCOM’s unique SAILOR 60 GX innovations combine to deliver numerous benefits to maritime end-users. By providing a reliable, high-throughput link to the Global Xpress network from a smaller antenna package, SAILOR 60 GX supports a wider range of vessel types to i.e., save money on bunker costs by optimising fuel consumption; improve environmental footprint by reducing harmful exhaust emissions; streamline equipment maintenance tasks through remote monitoring; collaborate with experts on shore with always available voice calling and videoconferencing; contact loved ones more often and for less cost.

“SAILOR 60 GX delivers unmatched RF performance for its reflector size, meaning the high bandwidth of the Fleet Xpress service can be enjoyed fully, even on the edges of coverage, despite a smaller antenna. Both SAILOR 60 GX and its stablemate SAILOR 600 VSAT Ka for Telenor’s European Thor 7 network enable more vessels and fleets operating on lower communication budgets to harness the power of reliable, flat rate, high bandwidth satellite connectivity on board,” adds Jan Kragh Michelsen, VP Maritime Business Development, Cobham SATCOM.

The award was presented on March 8th at the MSUA Satellite 2016 luncheon at National Harbour, Maryland.

We’re delighted that the MSUA has highlighted the innovative design of the newest addition to the established SAILOR VSAT portfolio. With SAILOR 60 GX, our design engineers have leveraged the spot-beam architecture of Inmarsat Global Xpress, which encourages smaller reflector dish sizes and therefore the potential to reduce the size and weight of on board antennas. Our approach has potential to considerably expand the maritime VSAT market,” said Casper Jensen, Vice President for Business Development at Cobham SATCOM.