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March 28th, 2013

XipLink... Servicing More With Lower Operating Expenses (SATCOM)

[SatNews] XipLink’s wireless link optimization solutions continue to build strong market presence with a...

...successful test and implementation at Maritime Communications Partner (MCP). The implementation assists MCP in servicing a higher number of Internet subscribers on maritime vessels while also reducing the recurring operating expenses associated with the high cost of satellite bandwidth. XipLink’s Hub Optimizations (XHO) platform was introduced into MCP’s service network after the solution revealed its positive impact upon the requirements of maritime customers to cost effectively access the Internet. While XipLink’s wireless link optimization technology addresses many key markets such as military, aero broadband and telco infrastructure, the initial deployment provides optimized Internet access for passengers on maritime vessels. Maritime customers can look to MCP to deliver these services more cost effectively while also receiving an improved end-user experience.

XipLink will work to extend its commercial and technical relationship with MCP and believes the future XipOS version 4.1 software release, scheduled this year, will deliver additional value to the XHO platform and the general maritime industry. With features such as Internet video throttling and rate restrictions, version 4.1 will have a dramatic effect on XHO’s legacy of outbound bandwidth reduction and continued improvement to the subscriber’s service experience.