Satnews Daily
September 17th, 2014

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IAC 2014 (Event—Satellites)

[SatNews] Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will be participating at IAC 2014, in Toronto, Canada.

Rafael will exhibit microsatellite technologies and advanced Space Propulsion Systems. Rafael's space product heritage is present in more than 60 satellites, including Israel’s OFEQ Program satellites, as well as with a number of international space projects, such as Galileo IOV, Globalstar-2 and O3B constellations, GMES SENTINEL-1 Myriade, PRISMA and many others. Rafael will also exhibit LiteSat, an electro-optical spatial Earth Observation (EO) system, providing comprehensive solutions for civilian and military needs, from the initial requirement to final intelligence products.

Rafael has gained extensive experience in developing, qualifying and producing systems for space applications, including space propulsion systems based on Chemical and Electrical Propulsion (EPS) and advanced Composite Space Structures. The core space technology capabilities at Rafael include: Astrodynamics, Communication, Guidance and Control, Laser communication, high performance electro-optical systems, Image Processing, Terminal and vision-based guidance, MEMS products and infrastructure, miniaturized communication products, airborne launcher technologies, composite materials and space propulsion.

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