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June 14th, 2012

IRG... Satellite Interference To Be Discussed @ CommunicAsia2012 (Event)

[SatNews] The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) will be involved with a number of discussions and meetings...

...to discuss the resolution of satellite interference at CommunicAsia2012. With the Olympics in London just around the corner, IRG is continuing to push forward with its goal to introduce Carrier Identification for video transmissions in time for the start of the Games. At the same time, the group is also looking beyond that to new Carrier ID technology, which contains the Carrier ID information within a separate Meta Data, spread-spectrum carrier. This means that it is visible to operators, without the need to interrupt the main feed, saving valuable airtime for broadcasters, when interference occurs, by enabling operators to identify and stop the interference quickly and effectively.

Satellite Identification is another key topic being discussed by the group at CommunicAsia. IRG has been working together with its members to find cost effective ways of introducing Satellite ID, as well as working towards a standard for auto-deploy systems, with the aim of significantly reducing interference during deployment of those systems.

The first meeting takes place at 10am on Tuesday, June 19th at the Singtel office and will be co-hosted by Singtel, IRG, and the Space Data Association (SDA). One of the key factors to ensuring the effectiveness of the steps being taken by Satellite Operators, is having a good Carrier ID database in place, where the data within the ID code can be referenced, thus enabling operators to deal with the interference quickly and efficiently. The SDA and IRG will discuss what has been achieved so far and what further steps are needed in order to roll out a database in time for the Olympics this summer. We are also pleased to announce that GVF will be in attendance and bring the latest GVF training innovations to the table as well as progress reports on Type Approvals and Quality issues being tackled by GVF and IRG.

Later that day will see a meeting hosted by Comtech EF Data, entitled New Approaches to Combat Interference in Satellite Communications - the Carrier ID Community. This meeting will be a chance for attendees to learn about Comtech’s new Carrier ID technology, how it works and the difference it will make to the fast resolution of satellite interference. There will also be discussions around test carriers, processes and the Carrier ID database, all vital parts of the whole picture. The meeting will take place on Tuesday June 19th at 5pm, in Meeting Room: L4, Peony 4410A.

On Wednesday June 20th, from 4.30 to 6pm, Newtec will be hosting a session entitled Technology Challenges in the Broadcast Industry. The session will include a panel discussion on Satellite Interference and Carrier ID, where IRG will be joined by Dr. Peter Siebert of the DVB and Simon Twiston Davies of CASBAA, as well as satellite operators, Intelsat and Measat and broadcasters Astro, Eurovision, and HBO. The session takes place in the Orchid Room - 4311, 4th Floor Marina Bay Sands Expo. More information is available here http://www.newtec.eu/sessioncommunicasia2012..

“Meetings such as these are crucial to driving our initiatives forward. They give us as a sounding board, as well as enabling an exchange of ideas between spokespeople from different areas of both industry and regions,” said Martin Coleman, Executive Director, The Satellite Interference Reduction Group, and Director, Colem. “We are getting towards a goal to introduce Carrier ID for all video transmissions, but there is work still to be done and the Olympics is just around the corner, so these discussions are especially crucial.” Registration for all these meetings is free. For the Tuesday events, please register via the IRG website – www.satirg.org.