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March 2nd, 2014

SkyTrac Systems—Monitoring Activities Are Streamlined (Flight Data Monitoring)

[SatNews] SkyTrac Systems has introduced a new Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) section to SkyWeb to streamline monitoring activities for their clientele.

This section will extend SkyWeb’s FDM capabilities, utilizing new graphical charts, reports and replays to not only simplify data monitoring processes, but also provide additional flight parameters.

SkyWeb’s new FDM features also allow users to upload flight data downloaded directly from ISAT-200A units. The ISAT-200A logs data internally at a much higher rate than normally transmitted over the air. This allows high-fidelity flight data to be graphed and analyzed, including standard GPS position data, pitch/roll/yaw as well as data from connected devices (via ARINC429, ARINC717, analog, discrete inputs). SkyWeb users will also have the ability to view 3D flight playbacks in Google Earth.

“The emerging FDM market is growing quite rapidly. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are able to keep up while simplifying the process as best we can,” commented SkyTrac President Malachi Nordine. “This new FDM section provides great visuals and charts for quick and easy data interpretation as well as additional tools for enhanced monitoring capabilities.”

For more information, please visit http://www.skytrac.ca/solutions/foqa-fdm/