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September 8th, 2014

TeamCast—Technology Showcase + Product Debuts / Demos @ IBC2014 (Event—SatBroadcasting™)

[SatNews] TeamCast will be demo'ing its latest innovations at IBC2014, which is held in Amsterdam from September 11th through the 16th...



Satellite TV transmission:

  • DVB-S2X compliance as a simple software upgrade for VYPER modulators with 64APSK
    After several years of solicitation by the satellite industry for more efficient use of satellite transponders, the DVB organisation released a new standard for satellite transmission, called DVB-S2X, in March 2014. Based on the DVB-S2 standard already in use in many applications/market segments (Broadcast Services, Interactive services, DSNG and professional services) for the last 10 years, DVB-S2X brings some valuable extensions to DVB-S2 - such as new Constellations, new MODCOD and Roll Off values, in order to increase the net payload capacity for the satellite providers. TeamCast, with its satellite platform Vyper deployed all over the world, is bringing these latest standard improvements to its customers, as a simple software upgrade of this platform - establishing Vyper as the most deployed DVB-S2X system across the world.

  • New Vyper compact DVB-S/S2/S2X modulator - a new compact OEM satellite modulator with full DVB-S/S2/S2X/DSNG compliance
    In comparison with older products, this brand new OEM satellite modulator is offering unprecedented features and the highest performance at IF and L-band frequency bands, all on the same compact platform. Based on a new hardware design with high processing capacity, Vyper has been introduced on the market, not only with traditional satellite standards like DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2, but also with DVB-S2X (the latest evolution of the DVB-S2 standard). VYP embeds TeamCast's market-leading innovative features like Dualcast, Multistream, and ACM contribution, too.

Terrestrial TV transmission:

  • 4K Live Ultra HDTV transmission from the Eiffel Tower using DVB-T2 modulator
    The French broadcasting operator TDF started an experimental transmission of UHDTV services from its transmission centre located at the Eiffel Tower, at the end of May 2014. With an expected duration of several months, this experiment aims to evaluate and demonstrate the immersive quality of the so-called 4K format (4 times more pixels than conventional HD) in a real terrestrial transmission environment. The signal is transmitted from the Eiffel Tower with an ERP of 1 kW, on UHF channel 26. The selected DVB-T2 profile is the same as the one used in the UK for HDTV, providing a maximum payload capacity of more than 40 Mbps, and capable of carrying several HD services together with a UHD service.
  • Hybrid 4K and Mobile TV transmission demonstrated using Twister’s unique hybrid T2-Base/T2-Lite modulation feature.
    Twister features the unique hybrid T2-Base/T2-Lite transmission mode that uses the FEF mechanism provisioned in the DVB-T2 standard. This allows service providers to add mobile services on to the same RF channel as stationary receiver services like 4K/Ultra-HD. With Twister, this can be achieved with limited investment and with full compliance with currently deployed receivers.
  • New redundant exciter system with Twister for Dual-Drive Digital Transmitters
    The TWISTER-4000 system combines two TWISTER digital exciters and a RF switch unit. At the system management level, specific functionalities have been designed in to simplify the system configuration and user operation. The RF switch unit is fully and transparently managed by the TWISTER exciters, covering a comprehensive set of parameters such as the multiple switching triggers. In addition, the TWISTER-4000 system maintains control of the transmitter Power Amplifier stage, handling the power on/off cycle and displaying the different transmitter conditions.
  • New DualCast exciter for PAL ATV and T2 DTV
    Designed specifically to meet Broadcasters’ wishes to invest in ‘Digital Ready’ transmitters, the ready-to-use TWISTER-4232 rack exciter enables an effortless and cost effective transition when switching from Analogue to Digital. TWISTER has been designed as an innovative solution for the TV exciter market, bringing several key features to ease integration within the transmitter design and to achieve top of the class RF performance. These features include a state-of-the-art Digital Adaptive Precorrection mechanism, an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) process to ensure the correct output power stability, and the monitoring of key transmitting power figures such as Forward Transmitted Power and Reflected Power levels.  
  • New high-end Green4DAB/DMB digital modulator
    Green4DAB comes as a very compact and reliable OEM digital modulator, ready to be integrated within VHF Digital Transmitter designs.
  • RQX monitoring probe now with DVB-T2-Base and DVB-T2-Lite measurement capabilities
    With more than 45 countries having adopted the DVB-T2 standard since its release in 2009, the worldwide expansion of this technology is growing rapidly. In delivering HDTV services considered as “highQoS (Quality Of Service) sensitive”, Broadcasters and Network Operators are clearly expressing the need for advanced features to efficiently monitor their network and to track/anticipate transmission failures, thus maximizing the quality of their viewers’ service experience. The new RQX1 receiver enables operators to reliably monitor signals meeting the DVB-T2 Rel 1.3.1 specification. This capability includes regular T2-Base signals for fixed reception, T2-Lite signals for mobile reception, and even a mix of the two types of signals.

Wireless video transmission:

  • New Wireless IP bridge concept for high quality live production
    Using TeamCast’s proven core modules, this ground-breaking solution provides a reliable transmission of IP traffic in full duplex with standard Ethernet compliant interfaces, over both licenced and licence-exempt RF channels. Based on robust COFDM modulation with a range of flexible settings, the wireless IP link is highly stable, in both Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight applications, covering all the requirements of remote camera and mobile production units. It offers a constant, non-shared bit rate for Audio and Video Bridging over Ethernet.


TeamCast will be presenting at stand 2.B51 at IBC2014.

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