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March 6th, 2014

Skyline Communications + Skylogic—All Out For Antennas (Earth Station)

[SatNews] Skyline Communications, a provider of end-to-end, multi-vendor network management solutions for the satellite, broadcast, IPTV and HFC broadband industry, hsa announced that Skylogic, a leading European provider of broadband satellite communication services, has expanded its DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor network management platform to include the management of all antennas in its satellite Earth station at Torino, Italy.

A Dataminer screenshot.

The solution spans across a wide variety of products from various industry vendors (such as Advent, Andrew / ASC Signal, CPI, Norsat International, Satellite Systems Corporation, Spectracom, Vertex, etc.) and provides fully unified remote monitoring and control of all system components, along with comprehensive fault and performance management. Skylogic also makes extensive use of the powerful open-architecture automation features available in DataMiner to further enhance this part of its operation. This includes continuous DataMiner software-driven automatic Uplink Power Control (UPC), based on real-time input of the beacon receivers, and open-architecture algorithms implemented in the DataMiner Automation Engine, interacting with all involved third-party components. DataMiner also provides comprehensive redundancy control on all critical system components, including upconverters, HPAs, downconverters, LNAs, etc. resulting in maximum service availability.

As a result, all antenna stations in the Earth station are now consolidated in one intuitive overview. This includes easy navigation with bubble-up and drill-down maps, block diagrams of all system components with alarm color coding, real-time display of key metrics, signal path indications, special indicators to show if advanced software features such as UPC are active, and a range of operator controls to manually trigger fail-over and maintenance procedures. The entire UI is designed in DataMiner Visual Overview, which enables operators to create and edit their UIs instantly with Microsoft Visio®, and to apply changes on the fly without affecting the on-going operation.

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Skylogic's infosite is located at http://www.skylogic.it/